The city gathers

Lunch or dinner, everything is possible – and everything is delicious. The link between the kitchen and the exquisite wine list is our service team who leave nothing to chance. This is a place to meet, have fun and come together in conversation – the city is here.

Opening times:
Open Tue – Fri from 5:00 pm, kitchen open to 9:30 pm
Sat from 11:00 am, kitchen open from 11:30 am – 2:00 pm and from 5:30 to 9:30 pm

Our highlights at hermanns

fresh salad bowl with shrimps

Fresh every day

At lunchtime, in the evening or just as a snack for in-between


Leaf salad from Reichenau
carrot / cucumber
small 5,80 € large 13,80 €

Salad with caramelised goat cheese
Cucumber / cherry tomato / pomegranate
small 9,50 € large 18,90 €

Chestnut soup
Falafel / chives / cranberries
9,50 €

All’ Arrabbiata / Parmesan / pine nuts
small 13,80 € large 24,80 €

peppers / risotto / dried olives
small 16,00 € large 28,00 €

Beef goulash
pointed cabbage / spaetzle
small 16,00 € large 28,00 €

Chai mousse
Preserved berries / sponge cake / ice cream
9,50 €

2,50 €

Daily drinks

Your favourite drink in a casual ambience

BAR card

Spritz, Hugo, non-alcoholic Spritz
7,50 €


Old fashioned
Bourbon / Sugar / Tonic Water / Angostura bitters / orange bitters
10,50 €

London Dry Gin / Campari / red vermouth
10,50 €

Favourites of the house

Gin, rum, vodka or whiskey
fresh lemon and orange juice / sugar syrup
9,50 €

 Gin, rum, vodka or whiskey
fresh lime juice / sugar syrup / soda
8,50 €

Aperitif recommendation

Kaiserhof sparkling wine
Martin Waßmer Edition

Hot drinks

Coffee und tea selection from Dinzler

Discover your favourite drink amongst our fine selection.

On the rocks oder straight up.

We serve your drink just as you like it. You are in the mood to party? You don’t have to wander into the city to do this because the city is here. The public Café-Bar Hermanns is an integral part of Ravensburg’s nightlife and more urban than you think.

You can reach us at:
+ 49 751 / 362 477-520

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