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Außenansicht Hermanns

The city gathers

Eat and drink, indoors and outdoors.

The relaxed atmosphere at Hermanns makes it easy to enjoy the moment: with a crisp salad, the creative 3-course menu or chef Kevin Leitner’s personal recommendation of the day. The link to the cuisine and the exquisite wine list is the service team around Holger Birner, who leaves nothing to chance.

On Saturdays, Hermanns opens for lunch from noon and invites you to Ravensburg’s warmest coffee embrace.

A cool beer, a glass of rosé or an extravagant cocktail? Our bartenders know their trade – and what our guests love. Chat, celebrate and enjoy at the stylish bar or the outdoor bar by the city wall.

Opening hours Hermanns Restaurant Café Bar:
Open Tue – Fri from 5:00 pm, kitchen open to 9:30 pm
Sat from 2:00 pm, kitchen open continuously until 9:30 pm

Hermanns Logo auf Menükarte im Restaurant
Woman prepares table with knive and fork for service
Gedeckte Tische und Interieur in Hermanns Restaurant Café Bar
Barista beim Zubereiten eines Kaffees an der Siebträger-Handhebelmaschine im Hermanns
Café und Kuchen in lässiger Atmosphäre
Karottenschaumsuppe mit Shrimps Hermanns Restaurant Café Bar Eisenbahnstraße Ravensburg
Selection of fine wine glasses in ambient lightning
Espresso Martini Hermanns Restaurant Café Bar Ravensburg

Our highlights at hermanns

Vorspeise Beef-Tatar mit Tagessalat am Pass

Fresh every day

Eat and drink, indoors and outdoors


Leaf salad from the Reichenau
Carrot / cucumber / croutons
small € 7,00 large € 14,00

Salad with spring roll
Cucumber / cherry tomato / sesame / pomegranate
small € 10,00 large € 18,90

Asparagus soup
Tomato concassée / chives / croutons
€ 10,50

Tettnang asparagus
Herb ragout / hollandaise / La Ratte potato
small € 19,00 large € 24,00

Eagle fish
Lobster foam / sugar snaps / cuttlefish tagliatelle
small € 19,00 large € 29,00

Veal flank steak
Leek / mushrooms / jacket potato
small € 24,00 large € 32,00

Crème brûlée
Crumble / sorbet
€ 9,00

€ 2,50

Ein Glas Negroni Cocktail mit Orangenschale als Dekoration an der Hotelbar

Daily drinks

Your favourite drink in a casual ambience

BAR card


Hermanns Espresso Martini
Kahlua / Vodka / Espresso / Chocolate Rum
12,50 €

Pornstar Martini
Vodka / passion fruit / vanilla / sparkling wine
12,50 €

Galliano Lichi Sour
Galliano / Lichi / lemon juice / sugar / egg white
12,50 €

Latin Lover
Tequila / cachaca / pineapple juice / lime juice / lavender
12,50 €

White rum / rose syrup / lemon juice / egg white
12,50 €


London Leaves
Gin 0.0% / apple juice / lime juice / sugar / mint / cucumber
9,50 €

Passion fruit almond fizz
Passion fruit juice / pineapple juice / almond / blood orange / soda
9,50 €

Discover the complete selection in our bar and drinks menus.

Bartender prepares a drink in front of the bar

On the rocks or straight up.

We serve your drink just as you like it. You are in the mood to party? You don’t have to wander into the city to do this because the city is here. The Hermanns is an integral part of Ravensburg’s nightlife and more urban than you think.

You can reach us at:
+ 49 751 / 362 477-520

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