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Haupteingang Hotel Kaiserhof Ravensburg in der Mauerstraße bei Dämmerung, Blick in die Eingangshalle

The eventful history
of the Kaiserhof.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Kaiserhof was an owner-managed hotel – primarily known for its exuberant dance events in the large ballroom. People met, asked each other to dance and let delicious food gild the evening. Today, some 100 years later, we carefully combine preserved details from back then with modern boutique elements, thus combining tradition with modernity.

We know where we come from and what we stand for today: modern hotel business, excellent gastronomy and encounters that make life worth living. Then as now. Some things just never change.

How it all began:

Around 1490 the building served as a granary of the Teutonic Order lords

Carriage shed of the Thurn- und Taxis post office

Cotton weaving and embroidery of the textile merchant Otto Deffner

Acquisition by the Ravensburg merchant Georg Möhrlin; a few years later start of extensive conversions to a hotel and restaurant of the first ranges

eremonial opening with a banquet in the "Kaisersaal"; the hotel with around 30 rooms and fine restaurant was known in the following years above all for its dance events

Acquisition by the Maurer family, which later used the historic premises to present different living worlds of "Möbel-Maurer

New life is being breathed into the historic "Kaiserhof". The vision of the new owner Hermann Müller: A city hotel that combines design, class and pleasure under one roof

The Hotel Kaiserhof opens and shines with 51 rooms, two restaurants (including the newly interpreted Kaisersaal) on a total of four floors in new splendor


1825 - 1851

1856 - 1878






Kaiserhof Fassade 1906

The facade around 1906

The facade around 1906

The building with its distinctive neo-Baroque facade has an interesting history: From a granary to a cotton weaving mill to a first-class hotel.

Aktuelle Luftaufnahme vom Hotel Kaiserhof in Ravenbsurg

The facade today

The facade today

For 82 years, the Kaiserhof lay dormant. Today, an almost forgotten hotel in Ravensburg is coming back to life thanks to Hermann Müller’s vision.

The vision:
how it all began.

From a distance, the silhouette of the Kaiserhof still looks as it does on old postcards from the turn of the century. Up close, however, the golden “K” can now be seen on the renovated facade, which is now adorned with French balconies. The main entrance with foyer and reception faces Ravensburg’s Karlstraße.

In the heart of Ravensburg, visionary and owner Hermann Müller has brought his vision to life: with perseverance and heart and soul, he has transformed the historic building into a design-oriented, stylish and family-run hotel. In the same place and with the same name as it was until 1939. “It was important to us to preserve the character of the house. However, everything that has been added is modern.”

The concept of preserving and renewing is nowhere more evident than in the heart of the hotel, the Kaisersaal:

Historischer Kaisersaal Bild um 1906

Kaisersaal around 1906

Kaisersaal around 1906

A festive banquet in the Emperor’s Hall marked the beginning of the era of the Emperor’s Court, which in the following years was known mainly for its dance events and its fine restaurant.

Der Kaisersaal mit Tischen und Stühlen heute

Kaisersaal today

Kaisersaal today

Still the first address for friends of good taste: Culinary delights at a high level in the newly interpreted Kaisersaal make the hearts of all gourmets in and around Ravensburg beat faster.

Our philosophy
and values.

The Kaiserhof is the perfect place for every guest who wants “more”. More in design, class and enjoyment. With the philosophy of a boutique hotel, we place a unique feel-good atmosphere at the centre of our world of values. We create an oasis for people who appreciate quality and enjoyment – a place where people meet with pleasure. Savoir-vivre in the heart of Upper Swabia!

We are not only in love with detail, but also in love with pleasure. From reception to housekeeping to our kitchen crew: our team consists of passionate hosts who are there for our guests with heart and quality and read their every wish from their eyes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hotel Kaiserhof Ravensburg.

Kaiserhof Lobby um 1906

The lobby around 1906

The lobby around 1906

In 1906, the lobby already welcomed the first hotel guests. From there, they marveled at the representative, ornate staircase leading from the lobby to the second floor.

Kaiserhof Lobby heute

The lobby today

The lobby today

The historic, ornate cast iron staircase is one of the carefully preserved centerpieces in the Kaiserhof and represents all the memories and transformations of the building.


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