Training to become a chef

You are a real foodie and enjoy cooking? You love the creative use of food and have a sense of quality. Responsibility and flexibility come naturally to you? Then this is the right place for you! Seize the opportunity and become part of a young, unconventional team that wants to win over the gourmet hearts in Upper Swabia. We look forward to getting to know you.

These will be your duties:

  • Store and prepare food properly
  • Calculate prices for dishes, drinks and menus
  • Create dishes and menus
  • Serve dishes
  • Select suppliers and purchase food

This is what the profession will offer you:

  • Variety and creativity
  • Culinary diversity
  • Diverse career opportunities, for example, abroad or on a cruise ship
  • Personal responsibility and self-realisation
  • A great deal of team work
  • Extensive knowledge of food and its processing

Dual system:

  • Theoretical training takes place at a vocational school and practical training within the business.
  • School time per year is about 12 weeks and takes place in block lessons.

We're looking for Dual Students

Start your practical studies in the area of hotel and restaurant management now!


We are looking for: hotel management trainees

Super friendly? Super dynamic? You are not flustered by anything at all? Then we look forward to receiving your application!



Start your practical studies in the area of hotel and restaurant management now!



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